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2016 : After the increase in seaborne traffic in 2015 (+2 Mt), the drop in seaborne traffic in 2016 (-4 Mt) to 87.1 Mt is attributable to a combination of unusual factors independent of ports: bad weather strongly affecting the grain hinterland and partial shutdowns of oil refineries during the 1st half. These cyclical phenomena logically affected the flows generated by these sectors, which represent significant port traffic. This being said, HAROPA continued to gain market share in 2016 on a number of competing trades.

2015 : With sea traffic of 91.4 Mt, up 2.4% against the previous year, 2015 was a year of growth for HAROPA which confirms its rank as # 1 French port complex and # 5 North-European port.

2014 : HAROPA confirmed its attractiveness. Traffic was boosted by container trade. + 4.9% increase for container tonnage (26.9 Mt) and + 2.3% for the number of containers handled (2.6 Million TEU).

2013 : HAROPA was one of the few North-European port complexes to have a favourable result for that year. + 6% increase for sea traffic tonnage and + 6% for the number of containers handled, in 2013.