The Economic Interest Group (EIG) appeared to be the most appropriate structure to the situation: the working procedures for this type of structure meet at best the needs for adaptability, flexibility and coordination demanded by the contemplated projects.

Made up of the three Executive Directors of ‘Ports de Paris Seine Normandie’, the Board in charge of the EIG management, regularly meets and especially has the assignment of ratifying decisions such as the subjects of studies and the strategic decisions of any kind. The Board is the referent of the Council of the Seine inter-port coordination (CCIS) and follows up the activity and the achievements for the Council. The EIG has a rotating presidency, lasting one year, and alternately carried out by each port executive director. This presidency is now performed by the Executive Director of Port of Rouen, Nicolas OCCIS.


The President is especially responsible for supervising the smooth working of the EIG, the completion and progress of projects. He represents the Management Board for institutional relations, and is the regular person to speak to for the ‘Commissariat Général au Développement de la Vallée de Seine’ (General Commission for Development of the Seine Valley).

Through the part it plays as a leader, the EIG has the assignment to deeply change the relations with the various players of HAROPA by inviting them to participate in the strategic thoughts within the scope of an entity of dialogue. This structure welcomes various stakeholders: local authorities, Government representatives and network operators (VNF, RFF) but also companies (especially HAROPA customers), staff trade unions and environmental associations.