Environmental Ship index

HAROPA, a founding partner of the ESI approach

The ESI approach encourages shipowners to reduce the emissions in the air of their ships and then promote ever “greener” shipping going beyond the regulatory requirements. 
If some ports have chosen to be granted an automatic drawback on their port dues, HAROPA preferred granting financial rewards to the greenest shipping companies, scoring the highest number of green calls. The project of creating an “Environmental Ship Index (ESI) was initiated in 2009 jointly with the ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bremen, Hamburg, Rotterdam and Le Havre. This initiative has concerned the Seine corridor since 2013, and the ESI is now extended to the river shipping sector.

In 2016, the ESI recorded around 30 ports around the world and more than 3,000 scored merchant vessels. The ESI is one of the solutions promoted by HAROPA to fight against climate change.