9.87 Mt exported from the port of Rouen

HAROPA - Port de Rouen's 2019/2020 cereal season is ending sharply higher than last year. The four cereal port operators - BZ Group, Senalia, Simarex and Soufflet Négoce (SOCOMAC) - have just set a new record with 9.87 Mt of cereals exported throughout the season, an increase of 9% compared to the 2015/2016 record season and 30% compared to last year.
- Direction territoriale de Rouen

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Looking at the detail, 7.2 Mt of wheat and 2.6 Mt of barley were loaded. Another record is that of the total grain (cereals and oleo-protein crops) imported and exported, whose tonnage reached 10.7 Mt this year.
This excellent result can be explained by the strong competitiveness of French cereals compared to production from competing countries on the Black Sea. Likewise, the large quantities produced at the 2019 harvest and the good quality offered by the Rouen cereal hinterland made it possible to meet strong global demand.

The main destinations remain Algeria and Morocco. The good quality of the cereals and competitive prices also contributed to a resurgence of shipments to West Africa, with the highest tonnage exported to this region for 15 years (1.08 Mt). Another flagship destination to note: China, with 900,000 t exported in wheat and barley. Finally, the year stood out for its very wide variety of destinations (India, Mexico, Cuba, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc).

This season, which took place within a difficult context (national action in January and February and Covid-19 in the spring) demonstrated the solidity and reliability of the logistics chain of the French cereal sector. The commitment of everyone, from farm to ship, during this period of crisis enabled it to remain operational and exports were able to proceed smoothly with, from Rouen, volumes exceeding 1 Mt during each of the months between February and April. This reliability reinforces France’s ability to guarantee the food chain of many countries, a capacity whose importance was further emphasised during the Covid-19 crisis.

The deepening of the Port of Rouen channel, which has been operational since July 2019, has shown its relevance this year with nearly 90 large-tonnage vessels received, including the Bregaglia (photo) which loaded 59,400 tonnes in early June. Thanks to these new maritime capacities, HAROPA - Port de Rouen has confirmed its national leadership with a market share close to 50% on maritime exports of cereals in France.
Finally, agro-industrial products (animal feed, vegetable oils, malt, sugar, cocoa, bio-fuels etc) and fertilisers consolidated Rouen's position as the leading port for the food industry in France with a total of more than 3.35 Mt of imports and exports.




A major player in the development and protection of the Seine estuary, HAROPA - Port de Rouen, the leading western European port for grain exports, welcomes 2,800 ships and 6,000 river convoys each year, which generate traffic of more than 28 Mt. At the heart of the HAROPA complex, Rouen bases its uniqueness on its ability to handle all types of traffic, especially industrial traffic, thanks to the know-how of its operators and the diversity of its terminals, which stretch from Honfleur to the Rouen Normandy Metropole. More information at www.haropaports.com.


The BZ Group, a specialist in grain (cereals, oilseeds, protein crops) for more than 30 years, is organised around three main activities: collection, import-export and port logistics. The group has been a player in HAROPA - Port de Rouen since the commissioning of its Maison Bleue port silo in 2016. More information on www.groupebz.fr.


The Sénalia group operates the biggest cereal and agro-industrial port terminals in the port of Rouen, with a total capacity of more than 900,000 tonnes. Sénalia handles more than 8 Mt and generates a turnover of 38 million euros. The loading of ships, a historic profession in itself, represents 5 million tonnes. Sénalia relies on its members who represent nearly 60% of the French collection of cereals and a solid financial structure to develop its services both for the export of cereals and for the processing of agricultural products.


The oldest grain shipping site in the port of Rouen, SIMAREX loads 1.2 Mt of wheat and barley per year. The facilities provide a performance of 10,000 tonnes per day for truck reception and 13,000 tonnes for ship loading. Simarex is an entity of the NatUp cooperative group which collects 2.2 Mt of grain per year from 7,000 farmers operating between Amiens and Chartres and Le Havre and Paris. More information on www.natup.coop.


SOUFFLET Négoce offers a full range of products and logistics services from Europe and the Black Sea Basin in cereals, oleo-protein crops and dairy products. The company ensures control of the sectors through its own port facilities and synergies with the Group's expertise in the wheat and barley sectors. Soufflet Négoce is the leading French exporter of cereals to 63 countries.