In the face of social unrest - First stimulus measures for HAROPA ports

On 5 February, as part of the Business Club, HAROPA is bringing together its main clients, stakeholders in the maritime, port and logistics sectors of the Seine axis.
- Territorial Department of Rouen
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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The aim of this meeting is to take stock of the situation after 14 days of strike action, measure the impact on the transport-logistics chain and propose the first measures to take.

Subsequent to these exchanges, HAROPA is announcing commercial measures that should help ensure that a recovery in growth is achieved as quickly as possible. These initial measures concern the activity most severely affected, the container-logistics sector, and aim to restore confidence via the maritime shipping company services which drive the port value chain:

  • a one-off commercial rebate will be offered on port fees on container ships for January and February 2020: this is a loyalty measure that acknowledges the maintenance of shipping commitments at the beginning of the year despite the disruption;  
  • a tariff discount will be offered for two years to container ships stopping at the port of Le Havre during 2020 as part of the creation of a new service. This measure aims to develop regular international connections, an asset of HAROPA particularly appreciated by freight loaders and forwarders.

This commercial arrangement, which will apply from January, brings the Port of Le Havre's efforts to 3 million euros of investment for maritime shipping companies.

In addition to these one-off commercial measures offered by HAROPA to the container-logistics sector, ongoing exchanges with stakeholders with a view to concluding local agreements will allow us to take into account the specifics of each sector and feed into local discussions.

The professionals from the sector and the port ecosystem (consisting of port piloting services, towing, boatage, port management, handling, transit and transport commission, and finally, local logistics) are mobilised alongside the SEINE PORT UNION association to complete this recovery plan, develop reliability, restore confidence and gradually reestablish the attractiveness of our ports.