HAROPA – Port of Le Havre, with the 11 leading world ports of the WPCAP, takes new series of climate change actions

For the 2nde World Ports Climate Actions Program (WPCAP) CEO Conference, on 2 February of 2021, the 12 ports members concluded new series of climate change actions : specific projects among them power-to-ship on which the ports of Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Le Havre will work together.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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Power-to-ship has the clear potential to enhance air quality and reducing emissions in the port. In ports, ships can switch off their own power generation and make use of, preferably, green energy infrastructure supplied by port and terminal organisations. The working group assessed the financial benefits if ports would work much more together in power-to-ship coalitions. Substantial cost reductions are possible if technology is used at a large scale and the pace of implementation is increased in a coordinated manner. 

The ports of Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Le Havre will take this work to the next level, meaning working together on investment plans and jointly approach ship owners as power-to-ship means adjustments both in ports and on ships. 

Baptiste Maurand, , CEO of HAROPA - Port of Le Havre, underlines that “the work done under the WPCAP umbrella will allow us to speed up our energy transition strategy. HAROPA - Ports aims to be an energy positive port and CO2 neutral by 2040. The network ensure us to be more efficient in the deployment of our OPS strategy. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow the coalitions to reach zero emissions between ports and the shipping industry are the key to the greening of maritime transport”. 

As remember, HAROPA’s quayside electrification projects :

-  quayside electrification project along the Seine Axis: 78 supply points to be installed for water and  electricity from Paris to Le Havre (€9.24 m with €1.8m from Europe);
-  quayside electrification for cruise vessels and container terminals in Le Havre;
-  quayside electricity connections for the Honfleur and Rouen maritime cruise terminals.

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