Seminar on Hydrogen Solutions for Inland and Short Sea Shipping - 29th October in Paris

HAROPA PORT is delighted to participate to a seminar organized by H2SHIPS project on Hydrogen Solutions for Inland and Short Sea Shipping in Paris, on Friday 29th October. 
- Territorial Department of Paris

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At the occasion, institutional speakers, shipowners and operators will give insights into the context and stakes of the energy transition in shipping, and present current hydrogen-fuelled shipping initiatives.

The Seine axis Major River & Sea Port will explain the role of infrastructure managers in the waterway transition in France.

The Seminar takes place from 11:00 to 14:30 CET on the ship Paris Etoile at the port of Grenelle on the Seine River and will be followed by a lunch cruise.

To register, click on this link.

The H2SHIPS project H2

SHIPS  aims  to  demonstrate  the  technical  and  economic  feasibility  of hydrogen  for  waterway transport and to help hydrogen become a widespread solution for shipping in North-West Europe. 

The project  supports thecreation  of  a  hydrogen  value  chain to  boost  the uptake  of  hydrogen solutions for waterway transport.
Further information can be found on the project webpage