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The Soufflet terminal comes on stream

HAROPA and Soufflet Négoce have now completed the modernisation of the SOCOMAC 1 grain terminal in Canteleu.
- Territorial Department of Rouen

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Site activity resumed on 15 January. Thanks to HAROPA - Port of Rouen's €7.8m investment, this site, which offers a maximum draught of 11.3 metres, is now sized to handle vessels 230 metres in length and 53,000 deadweight tonnage (compared with 45,000 previously).

January saw the completion of bank consolidation work along 50 metres, overhaul of the berth support pilings and reinforcement of the mooring and docking systems conducted after deepening the mooring basin. Alongside this, Soufflet has equipped itself with a 2,000 tonne/hour loading gantry fitted with the latest dust control technology.