Bunkering and refuelling

The partial reorientation of the Total and Exxon sites towards the French market and the investments made as a result make it possible to significantly enhance HAROPA's competitiveness in bunkering, an important element of port attractiveness

Maritime bunkering is controlled by the Harbour Master's Office of the GPM of Le Havre and that of Rouen for HAROPA. HAROPA’s partners, certified ISO 9001, perform these tasks during commercial operations, thus reducing the waiting time for each ship in the ports.

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Le Havre: 1st "service station" before the motorway

The port's competitiveness is also measured by its ability to deliver fuel adapted to customer needs, at the best price (no tax charged) and as quickly as possible.
Port 2000 has become the ideal "service station":

  • Able to supply fuel to all ships on stop-over
  • More than 900,000 tonnes of fuel oil distributed
  • Major modernization work at the Total refinery to offer all grades of fuel oil and diesel 

Bunkering and processing operations

  • Bunkering operations:

         ♦ Performed by high-capacity bulk carriers
         ♦ Operations carried out at the same time as the commercial operations of the container ships
         ♦ Bunker refuelling with high-speed pumping by Humann and Taconet
         ♦ Loading of 7,000 tons of fuel oil = 10 to 12 hours
         ♦ Precise loading operations: 0.1% margin

  • Processing of operations:

         ♦ Prior declaration to the Harbour Master's Office
         ♦ The S.H.M.M.P.P. (Société Havraise de Manutention de Produits Pétroliers, or Le Havre Company for Handling Petroleum Products) provides a service mission

         ♦ Public for the GPM of Le Havre with a mandate from Total
         ♦ Various refuelling fuels available for ships stopping in Le Havre (DML, IF380, IF500, IF700).
         ♦ For any ship carrying or having carried dangerous goods: special regulations. 
In case of product dispersion during operations, notify the Harbour Master's Office as soon as possible.


HAROPA and its partners offer all the necessary provisioning services to ships, regardless of their size. Ideally located in port areas or on the Seine axis, HAROPA suppliers operate quickly and efficiently to meet shipowners' requirements.

A high-performance organization for a maximum of services

  • Transport of men and equipment
  • Supply services to ships in port or in the harbour 
  • Offshore service for the drop off of technicians and/or crew rotation 
  • Additional crew on ships arriving in the harbour  
  • Ship guarding 
  • Fuel and lubricant supply (water body or truck) 
  • Water and food supplies 
  • Assistance to divers and/or ships for all types of work on the hull or anchor  
  • Transport of equipment and assistance on locks during maintenance  
  • Storage and delivery on board of all types of spare parts required by ships 
  • Installation of hydraulic/electrical cutters for ships 
  • Survey for any particular request 

Individualized solutions

  • Service provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round  
  • Rolling stock for all types of transport
  • Barge transport 
  • Warehouses to store food and equipment  
  • Cold rooms (positive and negative) for fresh and frozen products  
  • Customs warehouses for "bonded stores" product storage




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Service de la Capitainerie du Havre

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  • 76067 LE HAVRE Cedex

Service de la capitaine de Rouen

  • 34 boulevard de Boisguilbert
  • 76022 Rouen cedex 3

Société Havraise de Manutention de Produits Pétroliers (SHMPP)

  • 4066 route de la pointe du hoc
  • 76600 Le Havre cedex