Harbour master's office

First point of contact with ships and the interface between all port users, the Harbour master's office is the real operational heart of port activity.

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The role of the Harbour Master's office

Harbourmaster of the ports of Le Havre and Rouen ensures continuous control of maritime navigation in ports:


  • traffic forecasting and maritime traffic monitoring in access channels and anchorage areas;
  • traffic control;
  • placement and mooring at dockside;
  • navigational aids;
  • coordination of operations;
  • port police 
    • use of the water surface
    • maritime signalling (beaconing)
    • port security
    • dangerous goods
    • bulk carrier handling

Port officers and deputy port officers may record infringements and write reports.


Equipped with the most advanced equipment, it is based on full radar coverage of the approach area, channel and basins. 
The harbour master's office is assisted by radar tower of Honfleur and Port-Jérôme.



More about  the harbour master's office of Le Havre and Rouen

Scope of work

  • the scope of work of the harbour master's office of Le Havre extends from the channel port to the Tancarville locks and Le Havre - Antifer ;
  • the scope of work of the harbour master's office of Rouen extends from the entrance to the Seine (from Honfleur) to the Gustave Flaubert bridge.


Key figures

Harbour master's office of Le Havre

  • 50 port officers and et 34 shipping agents
  • nearly 6 000 sea calls and 2 000 river calls 

Harbour master's office of Rouen

  • 5 port officers and 27 deputy port officers 
  • 3 maritime and river traffic controllers 
  • 13 monitoring assistants 
  •  nearly 3 000 sea calls and 6 000 river calls