HAROPA, a committed player serving a sector with strong potential

The recycling and recovery of waste forms a sustainable, highly diversified and fast-growing sector of activity, a player in the circular economy. Most waste sectors benefit from HAROPA's port services and facilities dedicated to or specially designed for their needs: construction waste, glass, plastics, oils, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hazardous waste, household waste, bulky waste, paper/cardboard, non-inert soil, wood.

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Reliable and punctual river traffic is particularly well suited to the logistics of recoverable products: it produces little noise and visual pollution and the pollution generated represents barely 1% of global CO2 emissions (51% for road transport), and also offers a floating storage solution. HAROPA has chosen to increase the possibilities of river and river-sea waste logistics, contributing to an increase of more than 30% in river waste traffic. Transport capacity, in terms of volume and load, is higher than all other modes: an adapted fleet allows the transport of from 300 to 5,000 tons in one trip, 24 hours a day.

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A network for the Seine axis

The economic sector of recoverable products is very well established on the Seine axis with more than 1,500 establishments and generates traffic of nearly 6 million tonnes per year, making it the second largest user of waterways in Ile de France.

Among the activities of this sector:   


  • collection of waste from selective sorting
  • treatment and disposal of hazardous waste
  • recycling of construction waste
  • recovery of sorted waste

HAROPA: sustainable and eco-responsible assets

To meet the requirements of the sector, HAROPA combines all the major advantages:

  • connection to a network adapted to high carrying capacities
  • river logistics solutions from the heart of France's leading consumer market
  • a rich and varied multimodal offer connected to the international market
  • the establishment of industrial and logistical sites dedicated to the sector on HAROPA ports
  • dedicated support by a HAROPA expert specializing in the waste sector.

HAROPA focus: for UPM paper, the road is the river

UPM's wastepaper flows are transported by waterway to Grand Couronne (Haute-Normandie) for recycling in the group's plant. In return, the 45-foot containers are loaded with new paper reels for use in the Paris region printing plants. UPM's containerized river traffic between Grand-Couronne and the port of Gennevilliers reduces CO2 emissions by 81% compared to a 100% road solution.
HAROPA carries out numerous actions to promote modal shift (with private players but also public project managers; Syctom, RATP, SNCF, Ile de France MOBILITE, Société du Grand Paris, Sietrem…).

To learn more about HAROPA's environmental excellence, find out more about the entire HAROPA environmental approach.

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