HAROPA PORT certified Quality Safety Environment

Whether in terms of security, environment or quality, HAROPA PORT is at the origin of cutting-edge, even pioneering approaches that guarantee its users and customers the best standards at the international level.

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A level of quality recognized worldwide

The HAROPA PORT continuous improvement quality approach is one of the keys to the international success of the HAROPA PORT community, as evidenced by several awards and certifications:

  • "Best Green Seaport in Europe" 2021 - 2020- 2017 - 2016 - 2015 (Asia Cargo News) for the quality of environmental initiatives promoted by HAROPA PORT
  • "Best Seaport in Europe" 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 (Asia Cargo News) for the quality of its reception and services
  • "Best World Port for Dry Bulk" in 2015, 2013 and 2012 (IBJ Awards)
  • HAROPA PORT | Le Havre certified ISO 9001 2014, 2017 renewed in 2021
  • HAROPA PORT | Rouen: harbourmaster's office certified ISO 9001 (2013)
  • HAROPA PORT records constantly improving performance indicators thanks to its continuous quality improvement approach.

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A stakeholder in environmental excellence

HAROPA PORT has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that involves: 

  • the control of environmental risks in HAROPA’s ports, 
  • the integration of these ports into their environmental context, 
  • exemplarity through ecological practices and technologies (ISO 14001 regulations, PERS, PALME).

This EMS approach is ISO 14001-certified.

HAROPA PORT is committed to the environment through:

  • the coherent management of its territory while respecting the natural heritage, 
  • reducing the environmental impact of port and industrial activities, 
  • the design of developments in a spirit of sustainable development, 
  • the development of partnerships with environmental stakeholders at local, national and international levels,
  • support for biodiversity.

HAROPA PORT reduces the impact of port activities:

  • by carrying out annual diagnoses of soil and groundwater pollution, improving the quality of fresh and marine waters, canals and basins and limiting the impact of dredging
  • by targeting a 20% reduction of CO2 emissions and 25% share of mass transport modes by 2020, notably through the new multimodal platform in Le Havre by encouraging industrial ecology on the Seine Axis: systematic industrial ecology and risk prevention approach committed to and focused on our customers
  • by promoting the development of the eco-industry sector.

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Environmental certifications: 

  • HAROPA PORT | Paris (port of Gennevilliers): certified (2013);
  • HAROPA PORT | Rouen: certified for 4 pilot sites (2017);
  • HAROPA PORT | Le Havre: PERS Port Environmental Review System (2016) certified, renewed in 2018
  • HAROPA PORT: voted by all Best Green Seaport customers (2015 / 2016 / 2017);
  • HAROPA PORT: voted by IBJ (International Bulk Journal) Environmental Protection Award (11.2015).


HAROPA PORT is one of the most important entry/exit points on the national and European territory. Each link in the port and logistics chain benefits from the traceability of transit operations, the first guarantor of security (S)One and associated specific procedures).
HAROPA PORT continuously redefines, in its port security plans, strategic areas and procedures to maintain an optimal level of security throughout the supply chain.

  • HAROPA PORT | Le Havre is the first European port authority and the second in the world to be certified by the ISO 28000 (2010) approach, renewed in 2022 for the fourth time 

- Security service (140 sworn officers),
- 17 enhanced security control zones,
- C.S.I. (Container Security Initiative)-approved.


  • Le Havre and Rouen port facilities compliant with the ISPS code (International Ship and Port facility Security). 

A large number of stakeholders in the HAROPA PORT supply chain benefit from OEA (Authorized Economic Operator) certification.