HAROPA PORT quality forall types of solid bulk.

A historical reference in the field of bulk foodstuffs (cereals, malt, cocoa, sugar, etc.), HAROPA PORT also plays a decisive role for many other bulk goods with an industrial vocation, in particular: fertilizers, coal, chemicals, snow removal salts, peat, atapulgites, pumice stones, biomass and bauxite.

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The proximity of dense areas for the production and consumption of industrial bulk goods as well as the complete multimodal offer, allow for rapid processing of goods at HAROPA PORT's terminals;
River logistics, reliable and punctual, is particularly well adapted to industrial sectors. The seaports of Le Havre and Rouen are fully connected to all Parisian terminals thanks to the river, and massified cargoes can be easily stored, transformed, packaged and redistributed as close as possible to major industrial production or trading sites.  
Road and rail transport are also greatly facilitated.



HAROPA PORT currently handles the largest bulk carriers in the world fleet, thanks to its exceptional nautical access. 
In addition, the numerous specialized facilities and tools available at more than 50 dedicated terminals enable port handlers to respond precisely to the specific constraints of the products processed, while offering maximum operating speeds. 

The solid bulk industrial sector represents a global traffic of nearly 4Mt each year on the HAROPA PORT terminals.


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