HAROPA, sea port of the world's leading tourist destination

Cruise and tourism activity is in full swing and constantly growing on the Seine axis: the ports of Le Havre, Honfleur and Rouen continue to attract maritime cruise operators with the ambition of becoming the maritime gateway to the world's leading tourist destination.

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With more than 420,000 passengers in 2019 and more than 210 cruise ships welcomed, the ports of HAROPA are at the top level on the English Channel / North Sea coast. Thanks to their complementary nature, the three dedicated terminals (Le Havre, Rouen, Honfleur) can accommodate all types of vessels. Whether a stop-over or starting point, their facilities are at the service of shipping lines and passengers.

Maritime cruises: 

In 2019, HAROPA is still at the second place for French cruise port after Marseille, with 210 stop-overs and 420,000 passengers. HAROPA has exceeded the 200 stop-over threshold.

Le Havre's nautical capacities can accommodate up to four of the world's largest cruise ships simultaneously.

Bateaux de croisière au port du Havre

The Honfleur terminal is just a few steps from the historic city centre, one of Normandy's main tourist attractions, and at the foot of the Pont de Normandie.

Bateau de croisière sur le port de Honfleur

Access to Rouen offers sea cruises the opportunity to discover the loops around the Seine.

Bateau de croisière sur le port de Rouen

These three sites constitute the exclusive maritime gateway to a territory with exceptional tourist riches, the world's leading tourist destination! This growth is the result of excellent collaboration between the ports of HAROPA and the tourist offices in charge of coordinating activity in each of the ports.

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