Coronavirus - Traveller's advice

- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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« The French government has published some flyers for passengers arriving in France that you can print and distribute to your staff.
Regarding the vessels, the permanent health surveillance procedure remains in place.
The current level of vigilance provides that the masters of vessels calling at the Grand Maritime Port of Havre must inform the Harbourmaster's office, via a standard Maritime Declaration of Health (MDH), of any pathology which should appear onboard, likely to present a risk for public health.
The MDH received in Openrive or by mail are sent to the Regional Health Agency (ARS).
The ARS analyzes the MDH it receives and fixes, based on the information transmitted and the provenance of the vessel, the measures it wishes to implement.
The Harbourmaster's Office is kept informed of the measures ordered by the ARS and of the instructions to be transmitted to the people who have to work on board.
In addition to these measures, the GPMH has signed an agreement with the medical emergency public services (called “SAMU”) of Le Havre, Rouen and Caen which lays down the conditions for intervention by the SAMU depending on whether the ship is at sea or at quay. This agreement allows us either to project a medical team on board to analyze a suspect case at the request of the ARS, or when the ship is alongside, to allow at any time an analysis by the SAMU which then decides of the type of intervention and the implementation of any protective measures.
Shipping agents are requested to watch over the proper transmission of Maritime Health Declarations that they receive from ships and to inform the Harbourmaster's Office immediately of any difficulty encountered.

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