A leading port centre

Connected to the whole world thanks to an international maritime offer, the Seine Axis Major River & Sea Port represents the fifth ranked port in Northern Europe, but also the largest port for foreign trade in France. There are nearly 650 ports of calls worldwide and 6,000 stopovers per year in Le Havre. It is a heavyweight in European port activity. HAROPA PORT ended 2021 with overall maritime and river traffic near 110m tons.

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1st port complex in France

  • 1st French port for containers
  • 1st French port for foreign trade
  • 1st European river port for bulk shipping
  • 1st European port exporting cereals
  • 1st French port for energy supply
  • €1.2 billion in multi-year investments

A competitive port centre:

  • More than 50 terminals at your service
  • Nearly 600 ports reached worldwide
  • Extremely competitive transit times: 1st port reached on import and last on export
  • Special access to a major European hinterland:
  • Gateway to the Paris region
  • 1st French consumer market and 2nd European market
  • Smooth, fast access to Western Europe

HAROPA PORT, a multimodal offer connected to the intertional market

  • A direct link with 2 international airports
  • 6 combined river transport operators spread over 10 platforms providing a permanent and regular link between the Le Havre, Rouen and Paris terminals
  • More than 200 km of large waterways
  • A latest-generation multimodal platform in Le Havre, to encourage modal shift to rail and inland waterways and industrialize flows (5,000 tonnes transported by inland waterways = 250 fewer trucks on the roads)
  • A rail infrastructure that upgrades for freight, in particular with the Nord de Paris rail bypass project (modernization of the Serqueux-Gisors line)
  • Paris Seine-Métropole Ouest: a multimodal platform project at the confluence of the Seine axis and the future Seine Nord Europe canal
  • More than 500 professionals at your service (freight forwarders, shipowners, shipping agents, logistics specialists, etc.)
  • A network of correspondents all over the world
  • Specialist expertise and services by sector: containers, reefer, breakbulk, bulk and conventional

The Seine Valley, a development area

  • 1st industrial region in France: advanced industrial know-how (petrochemicals, automotive, aeronautics/space, agriculture, NICT, etc.)
  • 1/3 of French GDP concentrated around the banks of the Seine
  • A qualified workforce: 160,000 direct and indirect jobs
  • Strong potential in terms of research and innovation: universities, training centres, competitiveness clusters…
  • Nearly a thousand hectares of land and land reserves intended for industrial and logistical establishments