Since June 1st 2021, the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris, have now merged to form a single port : HAROPA PORT, the Seine axis Major River & Sea Port.
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HAROPA PORT Connection Makers
  • maritime and river activity around 130m tons
  • financial underpinning of€1.45 billion
  • a first-rate international shipping offer linking around 650 ports worldwide
  • No. 1 logistics hub in France, over
  • 160,000 associated jobs

Supply chains of port of Le Havre

HAROPA is a complete package of performing solutions adjusted to each sector.

Setting up in Le Havre

HAROPA PORT is an adapted set-up offer that connects you to your French, European and global markets
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What are our advantages?
  • A presence at the heart of a multimodal logistics and transport space
  • Saving time and money in the Supply Chain
  • The unrivalled quality/price ratio of HAROPA PORT's land and real estate portfolio
  • A diversified and abundant real estate offer
  • A guarantee of sustainability and a solid legal context


A constant commitment to adaptation and organizational transformation

TOURISM in Le Havre

Le Havre is the leading cruise port on the north and west coasts of France.