HAROPA PORT boatmen are qualified, certified seamen at the service of ships 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to moor, haul in and out at HAROPA PORT seaports. Sailors moor ships of all sizes, carrying all types of cargo and in all weathers.

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  • Mooring

  • Dropping

  • Shifting

  • harbor service

  • nautical surveillance

  • Additional crew

  • Anti pollution...

The boatmen constantly work in close collaboration with the harbour master’s office, piloting and towing in order to prevent and anticipate any situation related to the maritime sector.

Mooring in Le Havre

The mooring in Le Havre is a private company approved by the port of Le Havre. The boatmen of Le Havre and Antifer operate from the seawalls to the Tancarville lock, as well as in Antifer. 

Human and technical resources:

  • 68 marine linemen;
  • 17 boats from 7 to 17 m;
  • 12 mooring-transfer trucks.

Mooring in Rouen

The mooring service, in Rouen its a cooperative cover the 120 km field from Rouen to Honfleur.

Human and technical resources:


  • 45 marine linemen;
  • 2 boats.