Multimodal logistics and flow consolidation

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HAROPA PORT gateway to Europe

HAROPA PORT is the 1st French port bringing together the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris, at the heart of a European corridor.

HAROPA PORT benefits from an exceptional geographical situation

The first northern European port for import/export, it serves the leading consumer basin in France and the second largest in Europe.

Competitive multimodal connections for a global, fluid, fast supply chain connected to Europe’s industrial markets.

HAROPA PORT provides you with 4 multimodal hubs and collection points for the massification and distribution of your goods for import and export, in containers and swap bodies.

Capacity for reception, storage and massification of flows

57 maritime and inland waterway terminals accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
Secure multimodal terminals
Value-added services: storage of empties, hazardous materials, washing, repairs, weighing…
Large parking franchises

Land availability

Customs and SOGET: partners and facilitators for the passage of goods

Simplified, fast procedures
100% dematerialized

70 weekly connections to about 16 rail terminals

5 operators provide these rail links: Ferovergne, Naviland cargo, T3M, F.F.A. Marfret and Delta Rail.

Rail Shuttles Services for Containers

4 Tri-Modal Terminals

The multimodal terminal in Le Havre, the container terminal in Rouen (multimodal hub project), as well as the terminals in Gennevilliers and Bonneuil-sur-Marne, further strengthen rail/river complementarity on the Seine axis.


35 round trips weekly river services

9 operators provide these river connections: Bolloré Logistics, Fluviofeeder, Greenmodal Transport, Logi Ports Shuttle, SNTC - CarLine, Logiyonne, Maersk, MSC, UNM - Transports Blanchet.

⇒1 container in 5 to Ile-de-France consumer markets passes through the Seine.