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A DIGITAL first experience in the European ports environment.

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Discover the brochure performance indicators containers, RoRo and dry bulk

Every year since 2014, HAROPA PORT and the port communities of Le Havre and Rouen have been publishing performance indicators.  A true collaborative work by all players working to facilitate the transit of goods, this publication aims at collective competitiveness and increased attractiveness.

Grouped into main families - shipping performances, performances for goods in transit (road, rail and river modes), on-shore performances and customs and health performances, these indicators meet the needs of professionals and customers in the international supply chain.

Brochure performance indicators, containers, RoRo and dry bulk 


Dynamic KPIs of the goods flows in Le Havre

SOGET & HAROPA PORT exclusively provide a dynamic visualization and analysis module, regarding the average performance of the goods flow for IMPORT & EXPORT for Le Havre port.  

This calculation represents the collective performance of the whole port logistics chain in Le Havre :

  • Logistics, administrative and commercial milestones for both imports  and exports
  • Reliable and secured data provided by SOGET Port Community System S)ONE, supplied in real time by all port operators and Customs
  • Mass Mode / Road / River / Rail
  • Number of containers: dry / reefer / dangerous


Discover your own personalized performance indicators

NEW:  Have a look at your own flows with your S)ONE code and compare your performance to the average performance in our port.

  • Your company's individual performance
    Demonstration module


  • Your company's individual performance
    Effective module

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