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A DIGITAL first experience in the European ports environment.

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Dynamic KPIs of the goods flows in Le Havre


SOGET & HAROPA PORT exclusively provide a new dynamic visualization and analysis module, regarding the average performance of the goods flow in the Port of Le Havre, which is updated on a monthly basis.

This calculation represents the collective performance of the whole port logistics chain in Le Havre :

  • Reliable and secured data provided by SOGET Port Community System S)ONE, supplied in real time by all port operators and Customs
  • Indicators of the average performance of the port, accessible to everyone, with data records available from 2014 
  • Mass Mode / Road / River / Rail
  • Number of containers: dry / reefer / dangerous
  • Logistics, administrative and commercial milestones for both imports  and exports


Discover your own personalized performance indicators

NEW:  Have a look at your own flows with your S)ONE code and compare your performance to the average performance in our port.

  • Your company's individual performance
    Demonstration module


  • Your company's individual performance
    Effective module

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A high-performance, dynamic Smart Corridor

Every year since 2014, HAROPA PORT and the port communities of Le Havre and Rouen have been publishing performance indicators.  A true collaborative work by all players working to facilitate the transit of goods, this publication aims at collective competitiveness and increased attractiveness.

Grouped into 4 main families - shipping performances, performances for goods in transit (road, rail and river modes), on-shore performances and customs and health performances, these indicators meet the needs of professionals and customers in the international supply chain.


Consult the brochure container performance indicators



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SOGET: helpdesk - help@soget.fr

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HAROPA PORT: Nathalie Wagner +33 7 62 46 29 79
SOGET: Marie Wyciwski +33 6 46 67 20 27