Paris Seine agency

The Paris Seine agency manages a network of 30 urban ports and 34 river stopovers. It welcomes more than 160 industries mainly in urban sectors (BTP, logistics), tourism and leisure.
- Territorial Department of Paris

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Key figures

  •  Superficie : 60 ha;
  •  167 companies : industries and entertainment and leisure insfrastructures;
  •  200 river accomodation boat;
  •  34 river stopovers (22 Paris reach).


the main activities :

  •  logistics ;
  •  BTP ;
  •  Agrifood ;
  •  environment ;
  •  Tourism.

Parisian port-of-call network

34 ports of call in Ile-de-France, 22 of which are in the Paris, in 5 departments (Paris, Yvelines, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-St-Denis, Val-de-Marne), from Alfortville-Chinagora to Conflans fin d'Oise, along the Seine and two of its tributaries (Marne and Oise), designed to accommodate passenger transport activities, entertainment and leisure activities and, in addition, urban logistics.

Find on our interactive map all the information on Paris' public stopover network (pedestrian access, the bus station, metro or RER nearest to you, parking, technical characteristics...): here.

The others ports managed by the Paris Seine agency:

On the upstream Seine:

  •  Alfortville-Morville
  • Charenton-Ile-Martinet
  • Ivry
  • Vitry

Intramural Paris:
Left bank:

Right bank:

On the downstream Seine: