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Redevelopment of the port of Choisy-le-Roi (94)

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The site

Once isolated from housing, behind the RER station, the port, located on the left bank of the Seine, is now fully integrated into the changing urban landscape. Following the construction of new facilities and housing whose facades overlook the port, a redevelopment study was carried out by the Ports de Paris in order to make this site the belvedere of the new Port district. The materials trading activity, which until a few months ago occupied almost all of the 500 metres of port space, was concentrated on 200 linear metres upstream.

The redevelopment project of the port of Choisy-le-Roi

The main challenge of this project is to successfully reconcile port activity with an inhabited environment.

3D view of the project
The programme consisted of three main actions:
- rehabilitation of the wharf,
- redevelopment of the port activity to integrate it into the city district, 
- development of a new qualitative public space dedicated to walking and leisure activities.

Four zones now organize the implementation of these different activities. Connected to each other, they form a continuous route for all users (walkers, cyclists, joggers).

The quay dedicated to leisure activities and occasional port activities

Downstream from the port, a special space for walking and meeting is created by the development of vast paved esplanades with an unobstructed view over the Seine.
 It is designed to accommodate leisure activities (catering, boat-library, market, etc), installed on boats and/or on the quay itself.

In direct continuity, the second part of the quay is intended to allow occasional port use for companies using the waterway:
 > A shared use quay (to meet the occasional needs of river transport to limit road transport)
 > A paved area free for walking and meeting, excluding periods of occasional unloading (port use)
 > An unobstructed view of the river from the media library
 > Physical continuity between the ICAL sector and the natural shoreline

Natural banks recovered

Linking the upstream and downstream areas of the port, the renaturalized shoreline offers continuity of vegetation and passage with the Parc de la Grande Demoiselle opposite. A pier is located on this sector for a ferry service crossing the Seine and connecting the two banks of Choisy.

Better controlled port activity, compatible with an inhabited environment

The industrial activity necessary for sustainable local logistics (nearly 55,000 tonnes of building materials transported by water in 2015) has been completely rethought:

Before/after works
> An activity area contained on less than 4,000 m² upstream of the quay (30% of the quay area compared to 100% of the port occupied before works)
 > Port activity integrated into the new district:
• Materials stored in high rim crates covered with concrete and wood, aligned in the centre of the plot.
• A wooden openwork fence that will be decorated with climbing plants and plant screens on the street side
• Visual insights into the river
• An edge of the Seine open for walking (outside the company's business hours) and free of any construction (6m)
• An alternation of trees planted in a grassy strip, on the road side
• The road has been redesigned in connection with the development (secure pedestrian crossings, lighting, etc).

 > Activity compatible with an inhabited environment:
• The company Sables et Graviers de Choisy (SGC), committed and signatory to the Port Improvement Charter (continuous improvement approach with an annual audit carried out by an independent body and annual presentation of the results to the port's residents)
• Measures to limit disturbance (materials stored away from the wind in crates equipped with misters, new operating hours, cleaning, etc).

Enable better integration of port activity through dialogue with local residents: the local port information committee

As part of its Port Improvement Charter, HAROPA - Ports de Paris is setting up Local Port Information Committees (LPICs), public information meetings open to all.        The purpose of these meetings is to share information on port activity and gather opinions, suggestions and remarks from all stakeholders (residents, operators, elected officials, associations, etc). They thus aim to improve the integration of ports into their environment, while reconciling the various industrial and leisure uses.
For the port of Choisy-le-Roi, the process has been underway since May 2017.
The first LPIC concerning the Port of Choisy-le-Roi was held on 9 May 2017. It identified two areas of work: how to improve the integration of economic activities on the one hand, and activities of an entertainment and leisure nature on the other.

On 7 November 2017, residents were also invited to a meeting at which economic and institutional stakeholders presented the progress of actions taken to meet the commitments made during the first LPIC. This was followed by a period of discussion on the assessment of the summer's activities and the expectations of residents regarding the future installation of leisure activities.
The presentation and report of the exchanges can be downloaded below.

In 2018, the consultation process continues. A new LPIC was held on Tuesday 12 June at 7.00 pm at the La Prairie Recreation Centre. The participants at this meeting heard the results of the annual audit conducted on the port of Choisy and the right-of-way occupied by Sables et Graviers de Choisy. The implementation of the commitments made by HAROPA - Ports de Paris and the City of Choisy-le-Roi to improve the urban integration of the port facility and the coexistence of the various uses was then presented. Finally, the winner of the call for projects came to show the plans and views of the future facilities for the entertainment and leisure area located in front of the media library. This project will be implemented in 2019. Until then, the City of Choisy-le-Roi is once again organizing the Anim'Été activities during the summer of 2018.

For the port of Choisy-le-Roi, the process has been underway since May 2017

Did you know ? The Port Improvement Charter applies to all Paris Region port areas and companies engaged in a continuous improvement process for:
 > better urban, architectural and landscape integration of sites and installations;
 > the control of their societal and environmental impacts;
 > dialogue with all stakeholders.

Amount of investments

€4,885,000 are being invested by Ports de Paris for the redevelopment of the port of Choisy-le-Roi.

The steps

1st quarter 2017: Delivery of the redeveloped site
9 May 2017: Local Port Information Committee
24 June 2017: Inauguration of the port
7 November 2017: Continuation of the dialogue
12 June 2018: 2nd Local Port Information Committee