River tourism

With nearly 8 million passengers in 2017 (Paris, the world's leading tourist port), the Seine is now the capital's fourth largest tourist attraction, ahead of the Eiffel Tower (more than 6 million in 2017).
- Territorial Department of Paris

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The Louvre (8.1 million), Notre-Dame and Sacré-Cœur (more than 10 million each) remain at the top of the most visited monuments. Unlike other Parisian monuments that are reaching saturation point, the Seine, thanks to the companies that run it, still offers potential for growth.

Cruises on the Seine

Passenger transport on the Seine nowadays has an essentially tourist vocation and is divided into several types of cruises:

  • cruising, which in Paris had nearly 8 million passengers in 2018 (more than the number of visitors to the Eiffel Tower). The number of companies and the fleet remain stable (58 companies and more than 130 vessels). The business is expected to grow in terms of passenger numbers and revenues thanks to ideal weather conditions in the summer season.
  •  Note the arrival of an innovative cruise ship with catering at Port Debilly: the Ducasse en Seine, 100% electric for a clean and silent journey.
  • This sector accounts for nearly 170 million euros in turnover and is also developing in Normandy, particularly in Rouen.
  • river cruise with accommodation, which offers stays of several days on the Seine between Paris and Honfleur. River cruise activity with accommodation on the Seine River performed well in 2018 despite the flood at the start of the year. The number of companies and the fleet are stable: 14 cruise companies for a fleet of 21 river boats (capacity greater than 50 people). The activity should see an increase in terms of passenger numbers and turnover. This sector generates economic spinoffs for the territories (pre- or post-stays, money spent during stops, etc).
  • It should be noted that the new port of call at La Roche Guyon is now in service.
  • sea-river cruises in Rouen, with an increasing number of stops.  

Strengthening the tourist attractiveness of the Seine

HAROPA wants to contribute to strengthening the tourist attractiveness of the Seine. The passenger transport offer is an integral part of the tourist offer in Paris Seine Normandie. The Paris cruise is also an asset in the capital's tourist offer. HAROPA is therefore developing this passenger transport offer by creating new stopover infrastructure (Issy les Moulineaux, Beaugrenelle, La Roche Guyon) - 37 stops in total in Ile-de-France - and setting up actions in partnership with the various tourist offices along the Seine axis or with the Ile-de-France or Normandy Regional Tourism Committees.

In 2017, cruising activity continued (7.5 million passengers) after a 2016 weakened by terror attacks. Cruises with accommodation have expanded (77,500 passengers).

A master plan for river cruises

To strengthen this movement and reap benefits for the local economy, it was decided to define a master plan for the development of river cruises with accommodation. This plan aims to meet several challenges for the next 10 years:

  • respond to the saturation of some stopovers,
  • provide a network strategy on the scale of the Seine downstream of Paris for the allocation of reception capacity and facilities in stopover services,
  • support the arrival of new 125m and 135m boats on the Seine,
  • modernize existing ports of call and offer dock services (water, electricity, etc) using standardized terminals.