Tourism and river leisure in Ile-de-France 

The Seine is one of the main tourist attractions of Ile-de-France. Tourism and river recreation are a major activity throughout the year. Passenger transport and entertainment is based on the network of 34 ports of call, 22 of which are in the Paris harbour, managed by HAROPA - Ports de Paris.
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River tourism

Every year, some 8 million tourists and Parisians take advantage of the many cruise and leisure activities on the Ile-de-France waterways.

The cruise with accommodation is doing well with 14 companies (21 river liners of more than 50 people). The Parisian cruise trip covers 58 companies and a fleet of 110 boats: guided tours, trips with on-board catering, themed tours and educational trips form a rich offer. With 700 km of navigable waterways along the Seine, Marne, Oise and the Ourcq, 60 islands, more than fifty ports and stops with many activities, trips along the water allow you to discover the Ile-de-France in a different way. Professionals are innovating to meet the demand of all the many segments of French and foreign customers: the Ducasse en Seine, a new 100% electric cruise trip boat with catering, is proof of this.  

For trips along the riverbanks and to offer Île-de-France residents safe passage compatible with industrial activities, HAROPA - Ports de Paris is carrying out and rehabilitating many project sites.

River leisure in Ile-de-France

The Region’s five rivers (Seine, Marne, Oise, Yonne and Loing) and three canals (Saint-Martin, Saint-Denis and Ourcq) are ideal for the development of leisure and river sports.

Whether it is a question of seagoing or docked boats, inland waterways offer a wide range of catering, receptions, seminars or artistic and cultural activities.

As for sporting activities, reserved and marked waterways, managed by HAROPA - Ports de Paris, are open to the practice of many water sports: rowing, canoeing, water skiing or sailing.

Practical guide to river projects

This guide is intended for anyone who wants to create a project on the water: dockside, reception or passenger boat... You will find all the formalities to be completed, the people to contact and the documents to provide to complete your project.

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The port areas, with their romantic, festive, tourist and industrial atmospheres in turn, offer an ideal setting for organizing events. The Paris-Seine Agency of HAROPA - Ports de Paris manages 40 ports between Alfortville and Suresnes: they offer event organizers vast spaces that can be made available for a public or private event.

A set of rules, recommendations and procedures is to be followed by the organizers to access these areas belonging to the River Public Domain: their event-based occupation is governed by the signature of a Temporary Occupation Agreement (TOA) of the public domain and the payment of a specific fee.

Ports capable of hosting events:

  •  Austerlitz
  •  Bercy Aval
  •  Debilly 
  •  Javel Bas
  •  Grands Augustins
  •  Henri IV
  •  Gros Caillou
  •  Ile aux Cygnes
  •  La Gare
  •  Montebello 
  •  Saint Bernard
  •  Saints Pères
  •  Tolbiac
  •  Tournelle


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Event Management Officer
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