The two maritime pilot stations provide 24h on 24, 365 days a year, in almost all weather conditions, pilotage advice services.

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For HAROPA PORT, two maritime pilot stations serve the territory: the Le Havre – Fécamp pilot station and the Seine - Rouen - Caen – Dieppe pilot station .

Organisation of the Le Havre Antifer pilot station

Pilotage is compulsory for vessels of 70m in length or over, vessels carrying dangerous cargoes and vessels not equipped with VHF. Captains of vessels of less than 70m in length can ask for a pilot.


The pilot on duty will respond 24 hours a day to all inquiries on channel 12 or 20 or by telephone +33 2 35 19 28 48.

Pilotage area:

  • North East limit: a line joining cap d’Antifer Lt to position 49°46,0′ N – 000°01,0′ E;
  • North limit: the 49°46,0′ N parallel;
  • West limit: the méridian passing through Lt buoy LHA (000°09,8′ N);
  • Souh limit: the parallel 49°27,0 N;
  • East limit: the easternmost extremity of the le Havre port, including the canal de Tancarville upstream to Tancarville lock gates.

Human and technical resources:

  • 48 pilots and 30 seamen;
  • Aircraft service: 2 pilots and 2 mechanics;

  • 6 boats in Le Havre;
  • 1 helicopter;
  • 1 maintenance workshop;
  • 1 manoeuvre simulator.

To delicate manoeuvres: since 2007, the station has been equipped with two totally autonomous DGPS cases.

Organization of the Seine - Rouen - Caen - Dieppe pilot station

Piloting is mandatory:

  • For vessels longer than 55 metres, from the harbour to the relay station at Caudebec en Caux;
  • For vessels longer than 45 metres, between the Caudebec en Caux and Rouen relay station;
  • For ships carrying dangerous goods;
  • For passenger ships of 25 metres in length or more;
  • Pilot boarding;

Pilotage area:

  • 1 mile EAST of the "RNA" buoy;
  • Latitude: 49°28'',6N Longitude: 000°02’,7 W.

Human and technical resources:

  • 54 pilots;
  • 6 boats on the harbour, 2 river boats.

To delicate manoeuvres: the station is equipped with 6 Channel PPU (Portable Pilot Unit) cases and 3 PPU Port cases.

Managed by the pilots and ISO-certified since 1998, the Seine station places strong emphasis on listening carefully to its customers and continuously searching to improve the 14,000 services it provides annually.


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Pilotage du Havre et de Fécamp

  • Quai de la marine
  • 76600 LE HAVRE Cedex

Pilotage de la Seine Rouen-Caen-Dieppe

  • 21 avenue du Mont Riboudet
  • 76723 Rouen cedex