Adaptation of port infrastructures

The project to improve maritime access also involves adapting port infrastructure.
- Territorial Department of Rouen

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Thus, some equipment needs to be adapted to the reception and safety of navigation of new-generation bulk carriers. the Port of Rouen is reinforcing certain quays, extending the turning zone at Hautot-sur Seine and creating and adapting safety equipment (Radicatel waiting and safety station), allowing ships to stop and turn around.

Terminal modernization

After adapting the liquid bulk terminal trench in Grand-Quevilly in 2015, the Grand-Couronne cereal terminal is currently being adapted to the deepened channel gauge in 2018. This project is supported by the operator of the Sénalia terminal with an ambitious programme to modernize loading equipment. In 2019-2020, the adaptation of the Canteleu/Soufflet Terminal is also planned.

The development of the Hautot-sur-Seine turning zone

The Hautot-sur-Seine turning area is provided to allow ships to turn around.

With the increase in draft allowing the passage of larger vessels, the turning area has been enlarged to improve navigational and safety conditions. Work began in 2014 with land development and continued until the end of 2015 with dredging. 800,000 m3 of sediments were recovered as part of this project.

The land development works carried out in 2014 consisted of modifying and reducing the profile of the current bank, located opposite the container and general cargo terminal at Grand-Couronne, and developing a 1 ha wetland ecological zone. The turning area measures 520 x 390 m, instead of 400 x 300 m previously.

Adaptation of Radicatel's safety station

The existing stop zone today, at the Radicatel quay, is limited in terms of draught (10.60 metres) and its commercial occupancy rate has become too high to guarantee the necessary clearances for an emergency station.

The creation of the Radicatel safety station began at the end of 2016 with dredging operations. In 2018, after a first half-year devoted to carrying out the studies, the second half-year was dedicated to the work phase, to be completed at the end of December 2018. On this occasion, 3 mooring and berthing dolphins will be installed along with access walkways. Finally, 8 new shore mooring points equipped with hooks with capstans (winches used to wind and unwind a cable) will be created. The 4 existing bollards (docking bollards) will be adapted.

Nouveau poste de sécurité à Radicatel à L’amont du pont de Tancarville

New safety station - Radicatel Quay - © HAROPA - Port de Rouen