Deepening the channel

In order to allow large capacity bulk carriers to transit through Rouen, it is necessary to provide them with an additional metre of draught, thus allowing them to sail for almost all tides with 11.30 metres of draught when going down to the sea and for most tides with 11.70 metres on the way up to Rouen.
- Territorial Department of Rouen

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To deepen the navigation channel, the Port of Rouen is levelling the high points in the navigation channel (40 cm on average), between Tancarville and Rouen. The dredgers cover less than one-fifth (17%) of the river surface (minor bed).

In the estuary, dredging work covers 10% of the dyked area (at the mouth of the dikes that delimit the shipping channel and at the Normandy Bridge).

Carte des zones principales de dragage