Environmental measures

The improvement project is accompanied by environmental measures aimed at restoring natural environments, renaturing banks and combating their erosion, as well as enhancing the value of the existing landscape heritage.
- Territorial Department of Rouen

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The amount of environmental measures (studies and works) amounts to approximately €20 million and is co-financed by the State, the Region and the Seine-Normandy Water Agency.

Partenaires concernant les mesures environnementales

Shoreline renaturation involves the use of mixed shoreline development techniques that promote vegetation and are of aesthetic, ecological and landscape interest. The Port of Rouen thus tested this technique in two sectors in 2010: Jonquay and La Martellerie, which have been ecologically monitored by the Conservatory for Natural Spaces.

Les berges du Jonquay  Les berges du Jonquay
The Jonquay's banks

Ecological restoration actions of natural environments and/or hydraulic annexes to the river are being carried out at six sites along the Seine: The small willows in Sahurs, Grande Vase-Petite Vase in Quevillon, the Douillère in La Mailleraye-sur-Seine, L'Angle in Vatteville-la-Rue, La Darse in Lillebonne and Les Ecores in Petiville. The preliminary studies began in 2012. Work on the Sahurs and Lillebonne sites began in 2017.

Restauration écologique du site de Lillebonne
Ecological restoration of the Lillebonne site

The enhancement of the landscape heritage consists of operations to remove obsolete structures, such as wharves, dolphins, piles, mooring structures and other remains, in order to improve the image of the river and the living environment. Works have thus been removed in the municipalities of Tancarville, Lillebonne and Petiville.

Since 2012, the Port of Rouen has been carrying out technical studies to diagnose and propose technical solutions for actions to combat erosion and protect property and people in the Old Port and Barneville-sur-Seine-Le Landin sectors. In 2018, work will begin on the latter sector.

Calendrier prévisionnel des études et travaux