Governance HAROPA - Port of Rouen

- Territorial Department of Rouen

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The Grand Port Maritime is managed by a Management Board comprising 3 members and which remains under the control of a Supervisory Board.

The Executive Board is responsible for running the establishment and is responsible for its management.
The Supervisory Board is composed of 17 members:

  • 5 representatives of the State;
  • 4 representatives of local authorities and their groups;
  • 3 employee representatives;
  • 5 qualified persons appointed by the competent authority of the State.

Its role is to set the institution’s strategic directions and exercise permanent control over its management.
Finally, a Development Council is created in each major seaport. It includes representatives of professional, social and associative circles as well as local authorities and their groups. In particular, it is consulted on the strategic project and pricing policy.

Decision-making bodies

Article R5312-35, paragraph 1 of the Transport Code provides: "Regulatory acts taken by the Supervisory Board or Executive Board shall be published by registration in a register made available to the public at the head office of the major seaport and by electronic means. The registration shall be certified by the Executive Board."

As from their publication, these acts may be appealed to the Administrative Court of Rouen for a period of two months.