Harbourmaster of the Port of Rouen, maritime and river expertise

As the first point of contact with ships and the interface between all port users, the Harbourmaster's Office of the Port of Rouen fulfils the role of a sort of navigational conductor. In addition to regulating maritime and river traffic in the Seine, the Harbourmaster's Office is also responsible for ensuring safety as well as compliance with the regulations.
- Territorial Department of Rouen

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Ship movements

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Police for the Exploitation and Conservation of the Public Port Domain:

  • placement of ships,
  • mooring at dockside
  • goods storage on platforms and quays
  • ship-generated waste and cargo residues



Port Police

  • use of the water surface
  • maritime signalling (beaconing)
  • port security
  • dangerous goods
  • bulk carrier handling
  • Port officers and deputy port officers may record infringements and write reports.
  • They are assisted in their missions by surveillance auxiliaries and maritime and river traffic controllers.

The role of the Harbour Master's office is:

  • Reception of ships in the Carosse harbour (management of waiting areas)
  • Placing ships at berth
  • Maritime traffic monitoring in access channels and anchorage areas
  • Enforce and respect the various regulations regarding police and port operations
  • Ensure the conservation of the natural and artificial maritime public domain within the administrative limits of the port.

Finally, the maritime skills of the Port Officers naturally designate them to be the nautical advisers to other port services during studies on the developments to be carried out to the works and infrastructure of the port.

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