Missions and status

The Grand Port Maritime de Rouen (Rouen Port Authority) was created by Decree No. 2008-1146 of 6 November 2008 pursuant to Act No. 2008-660 of 4 July 2008 on port reform. It is placed under the supervision of the Minister in charge of seaports. It replaces the Port Autonome de Rouen (Rouen Autonomous Port), created by Decree No. 65-937 of 8 November 1965 pursuant to Act No. 65-491 of 29 June 1965.
- Port de Rouen

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The ‘Grand Port Maritime’ is a public establishment of the State.

In France, there are currently 7 ‘Grand Ports Maritimes’: Rouen, Dunkirk, Le Havre, Nantes/St Nazaire, La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Marseille/Fos.

Within the limits of its constituency, HAROPA - Port of Rouen ensures the integration of sustainable development issues in compliance with competition rules and is responsible, according to the procedures it determines, for the following tasks:

  1. The construction, operation and maintenance of maritime access points;
  2. Police, safety and security, and missions contributing to the overall good functioning of the port;
  3. The management and valorization of the domain it owns or which is assigned to it;
  4. The management and preservation of the natural public domain and the natural spaces it owns or which are assigned to it; it consults the estuary's scientific council, where it exists, on its development programmes affecting natural areas;
  5. The construction and maintenance of port infrastructure, in particular basins and platforms, as well as land access roads and terminals, in particular rail and inland waterways;
  6. Promoting the provision of rail and inland waterway services in cooperation with the operators concerned;
  7. The development and management of industrial or logistical zones linked to port activity;
  8. Actions contributing to the general promotion of the port.