Naval Repair

HAROPA has 3 times more assets... The complementarity of the three ports is evident in the services and facilities offered by HAROPA in ship repair: port specificities in Le Havre and Rouen, river specificities all along the Seine Axis up to the Portes de Paris.

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Port ship repair

The Great Maritime Port of Le Havre provides infrastructure and service equipment for:

  • the construction or dry repair of ships, river units (barges, self-propelled vessels, pushers, river liners, etc) in one of the 3 forms of refit,
  • civil engineering works in one of 3 forms of refurbishment,
  • work afloat, particularly at the Hermann du Pasquier and Jean Reinhart quays in the interior basin and Joannès Couvert in the tidal basin.

The Formes de l’Eure site and the floating repair docks are accessible to all the companies involved on the units 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The Formes de l’Eure:

  • 3 installations located in the heart of the "old" port of Le Havre, in a floating basin,
  • Accessible 24 hours a day via the passage of locks, to ships 180 m long and 24 m wide.

The services offered:

  • Know-how in the design of grounding tanks to accommodate all types of vessels and to ground them in the best conditions and within the shortest possible time,
  • Energy supply (electric, pneumatic)
  • Supply of fresh water,
  • Storage area in a hangar on the Formes site,
  • Lifting services with checks on load descents.


  • Reservation of a dockside location with the Harbour Master's Office of the GPMH for floating repairs,
  • Preparation of a visit in the form of a refit at the GPMH Ship Services Operations Division:

        Tel: +33 (0) 

        Fax : +33 (0)


Consulte the pamphlet


  • Contact the Harbour Master's Office to:

        ♦ Report any damage on board a ship,
        ♦ Declare in advance any maintenance or repair work,
        ♦ Ask for agreement to any repair with hot work,
        ♦ Announce the end of the work,,
        ♦ Request permission to test the propulsion system at a fixed point (12 hours’ notice),
        ♦ Obtain authorization to launch a ship, boat or floating craft on the slipway (24-hour notice),
        ♦ Receive special instructions for ships carrying hazardous or polluting goods.

Réparation navale au Havre

Diversified equipment, providing a range of knowledge

HAROPA - Port of Rouen has its own Naval Repair Centre located alongside the quayside in Croisset, downstream of the city of Rouen.
As a dredger owner itself, HAROPA - Port of Rouen handles commercial requests from internal and external customers (cruise lines, private companies operating on the Seine axis, tugs, pushers, private individuals, etc.)
Complete and efficient, the Naval Repair Centre consists of 4 professional workshops served by a shipping line quay:

  • mechanical workshop,,
  • boiler-making and piping workshop,
  • electricity workshop,
  • carpentry-painting workshop.
Plan de situation du dock flottant à Rouen

The floating dock: a tool that can be adapted to different work sites

Integrated into the ISO 9001 certification perimeter, the floating dock is accessible to vessels up to 10,000 tonnes.
Capable of accommodating vessels up to 140 m long (dredgers, cruise ships, etc), this facility can also handle the simultaneous maintenance of six smaller units (pilot, pusher, launch or barge types).
Up to 150 expert workers can work there simultaneously.

Ouvriers du dock flottant de Rouen

An efficient and responsive Naval Repair Centre at your service

Shipping line dock

Located in a zone sheltered from the wind and equipped with a mobile tower crane, the shipping line dock faces the mechanical and boiler workshops. An effective additional asset in the event of urgent interventions.

Mechanical workshop

Mechanical specialists at your service: mechanical fitters, diesel mechanics, engine mechanics, hydraulics experts, shipping mechanics, factory workers, supervisors.

Boilermaking workshop

All the skills in the field of naval boilermaking can be brought into play: boilermaking, locksmithing, piping, welding (our welders are qualified EN 287-1 by Bureau Véritas).

Electricity workshop

The workshop officers apply the rules specific to the "merchant marine" sector and comply with the rules of Bureau Véritas and Maritime and River Affairs. In particular, they carry out electromechanics and automation repairs.

Carpentry and painting workshop

Our professionals work both in the field of naval carpentry (inhabited premises of ships, floors, linings) and in the "land" field (various premises of buildings).

Additional services

Possibility of providing specialized companies, belonging to our network of subcontractors:

  • fairing paint
  • scaffolding services
  • electronic and automatic interventions
  • maintenance of whaling ships, etc.
Bac sur dock flottant à Rouen

A quality approach recognized by our customers

The organization of the Naval Repair Centre, integrated into the workshops and dredging service of HAROPA - Port of Rouen, is ISO 9001-certified for the maintenance activities of boats and dredgers, and industrial repairs.

Brochure réparation navale à Rouen

Consulte the pamphlet


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Service de la Capitainerie du Havre

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La réparation navale à Rouen

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