Project to improve maritime access to the Port of Rouen

The Port of Rouen, whose port area extends from Honfleur to Rouen, welcomes ships carrying different types of goods: cereals, agri-food products, refined petroleum products, etc. The fleet of bulk transport vessels is being modernized and its carrying capacity increased.
- Territorial Department of Rouen

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The maritime access improvement project should enable the Port of Rouen to accommodate these new-generation bulk carriers, with a greater draught under optimal nautical safety conditions. At the same time, port equipment will have to be adapted, such as the reinforcement of quays, the deepening of berths, the creation of a security post at Radicatel, etc.

Environmental support measures will also be implemented as part of the project, such as renaturation of the banks, restoration of natural environments, enhancement of the landscape heritage, etc. The development of the navigation channel, to provide an additional metre of draught, is an important economic challenge in order to sustain the development of industrial port activities.

The maritime access improvement project will address environmental issues by promoting the development of maritime transport.

The project is financed by the State, the Normandy Region, the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area, Europe (EIM and TEN-T) and the Port of Rouen. The cost of the project is estimated at 193.5 million euros.

Key figures of the project:

  • 120 km of navigation channel between Honfleur and Rouen
  • 1 m additional draught, during ascent and descent
  • 7 Mm3 of dredged sediments including 3.5 Mm3 of recovered sediments

Carte HAROPA - Port de Rouen