Reconciling economic development and the environment

- Territorial Department of Rouen

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The Seine estuary is a major commercial, tourist, heritage and industrial axis. This diversity makes the territory a vital axis for the national economy and the Paris basin.

The Seine and its estuary also have very sensitive natural environments with high biodiversity implications, including many wetlands along the river. This complex constitutes a vast ecological corridor that must be preserved.

Reconciling economic development and the environment while integrating societal aspects is a major challenge for the Port of Rouen. Indeed, the port's missions concern both the development of industrial port activity and consideration of the environment at all levels while meeting society's expectations.

To meet this challenge, the Port of Rouen continues its involvement and efforts to:

  • Sustainably develop port areas
  • Control and reduce the impacts and discharges of port activities
  • Ensure sustainable management of dredging and sediment activity
  • Improve the acceptability of port projects and activities