Security and safety


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HAROPA PORT is one of the most important entry-exit points on the national and European territory. Each link in the port and logistics chain benefits from the traceability of transit operations, the first guarantor of safety (S) One and associated specific procedures).
HAROPA PORT is constantly redefining, in its port security plans, strategic areas and procedures to maintain an optimal level of security throughout the supply chain.

HAROPA PORT | Le Havre is the first European port authority and the second in the world to be certified by the ISO 28000 (2010) approach 

→ ISO 28000 certified (2010) renewed in 2022,

→ Security service (140 sworn agents),

→ 17 areas of reinforced security control,

→ Certified C.S.I (Container Security Initiative).

Ports and Rouen port installations compliant with ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) code.

Many actors in the logistics chain of the HAROPA PORT area benefit from the AEO (Certified Economic Operator) certification.